Name: Jack Legend

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Species: Red Fox

Jack Legend follows the adventures of Jack Legend, the last remaining member of the Legend family. After spending his entire life safe in a manor in his home continent of Ethrafa, Jack is thrown into a land of adventure and chaos. Despite his family’s history of great feats, Jack’s only “training” he possesses is what he gathered from years of reading fiction and handbooks at home. Jack also has the blood of a Legend coursing within him, giving him a knack for getting in and out of trouble. Does he have what it takes to fulfill his family’s legacy and become a true Legend? Stay tuned!


Name: Buddy (Bud)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Species: Sheep

Very much an underdog, Buddy accompanies Jack on his adventures as his sidekick. An orphan his entire life, Buddy begged for scraps until he found his first job; a lookout for a shipping company. Uneducated, untrained, and with a love for all things adventurous, Buddy’s favorite pastime was hearing stories of the Legend family and pretending he was an adventurer. Now, Buddy lives his dream by assisting Jack on his adventures throughout the land. Despite his young age, his rough upbringing (or lack thereof) has made Buddy tougher than the average youth. A lot tougher, bordering on the line of “unnatural”. With Buddy’s help, can Jack and Buddy find their glory in the world?

Name: Azzy Lopson

Gender: Female

Age: >200

Species: Rabbit

Azzy worked in the afterlife for several lifetimes until she was tasked to serve as an agent for Jack on his quest for glory. She speaks to Jack on behalf of his ancestors in the afterlife, and although she follows strict rules regarding how she can and can’t help Jack, she can’t help but be condescending towards mortals, who are clearly inferior to the dead. Although she doesn’t talk about the time she as alive much, she’s suggested that she is only assisting Jack because of a favor she owes someone in the afterlife. Could there be more to this lop-eared ghostly rabbit than meets the eye?